Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’

“We don’t know how it got from there to him,” stated Claudia Lange, a prosecutor.

Three different law enforcement officials are being investigated on suspicion of serving to Mr. Gross. Asked through the trial, Mr. Gross stated he didn’t bear in mind how he received the ammunition. When I met him, he caught to that line.

But in any other case he was not shy about sharing his views.

Chancellor Angela Merkel belongs “in the dock,” he stated. The multicultural cities in western Germany are “the caliphate.” The greatest solution to escape creeping migration was to maneuver to the East German countryside, “where people are still called Schmidt, Schneider and Müller.”

A replica of Compact, a outstanding far-right journal, with President Trump’s face on the quilt, lay on a shelf. A number of the president’s speeches had been translated into German within the concern. “I like Trump,” Mr. Gross stated.

As far again as 2009, some fellow law enforcement officials had voiced issues about Mr. Gross’s far-right views, noting that he had introduced books concerning the Nazis to work. But nobody intervened, and he was even groomed for promotion.

“There is no danger from the far right,” he insisted. “I don’t know a single neo-Nazi.”

Soldiers and law enforcement officials are “frustrated,” he advised me the third time we met, ticking off complaints about migrants, crime and the mainstream media. He likens the protection of coronavirus to the censored state broadcaster throughout Communism. Instead, he says, he has a YouTube subscription to RT, the Russian state-controlled channel and different various media.

In that parallel universe of disinformation, he learns that the federal government is secretly flying in refugees after midnight. That coronavirus is a ploy to deprive residents of their rights. That Ms. Merkel works for what he calls the “deep state.”

“The deep state is global,” Mr. Gross stated. “It’s big capital, the big banks, Bill Gates.”

He nonetheless expects Day X, in the end. Riots linked to an financial meltdown. Or a blackout, as a result of the German authorities is shuttering coal vegetation.

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